Work Engagement and Web 4.0

For adapting work to the reality of digitization, we need to change twice:

  • First time, our perception
    – What is the purpose of digitization? What is the purpose of work?
  • Second time, the reality we then create.

Co:Inpetto recruited IT professionals and business consultants for companies. Co:Inpetto’s activities started in 1999, simultaneously with the commercial breakthrough of the Internet.

I felt like Alice, Alice in Wonderland.

The Internet, digitisation, new careers, digital private data, business models.  At the same time, all kinds of systems started to dance.

Where will this lead to ?

Innovation concepts were developed, governments were addressed and the prototyping of new kind of collaborations started. The consequences of clashing systems were experienced first-hand. The forgotten half of change (thus, change of perception) appeared to be a heavy chunk.

Words for shaping the new win-win-win reality, are needed.

Good work is going on.  I ‘ve just read a book by Paul Bessems.  I share his vision. And I will follow WEconomics Foundations.

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