1.8 Tuesday Post is a promise to myself

The story of Co:Inpetto started in 1999. This Co:Inpetto Blog is in the air since 2012 and it has served to reach networking goals. The goal was to reach out and make a well designed digital infrastructure broadly available – together -. Mission is getting accomplished.

Interesting value propositions are becoming available thanks to www.threefold.me and www.weconomics.org. It is time to gear up with version 2 for the blog and start crafting more uses cases for multiple profits.

For version 2 of the blog I make a promise to myself: I share (two/three) weekly Tuesday Post. Because only shared ideas will win.

What’s the idea I love to share ?
We are co-designing the data- and token economy for our next level of prosperity. Join with your project when your time is right – always – Start Close In.

Drop your mail address and stay tuned.

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