HR is at the edge of every organisation (a valuable place to be)

HR is a function on the edge of any organisation. HR connects talent from the in- and outside world to organisational tasks. They are in contact with serveral operational service providers like pay-rolling. They are at the cross road of data exchange between organisations (with the individual as smallest part).

Thanks to the innovation space of a well governance shared digital infrastructure, HR is in the position to design and manage careers in a far better ways. Ways that favors the well being of the indivual and the productivity of organisations.

Paul Bessems (founder of invites HR professionals to take up a role for transition to sphere 4 (see picture below).
You want some training first ? Contact me and let’s find out what would work for you.

I connected myself to Weconomics Foundations because I want to take the high road to our next level of prosperity. (WARNING: watch out for the earworm if you keep listening to the song that introduced the concept of the high road)

Threefold at Weconomics Partnerday

Threefold Foundations opens up a software stack for responsible internet, an innovation space for organizational technology.

Weconomics focuses primarily on the use of organizational technology to improve the 6Ps:

  • Purpose: the purpose of work in relation to innovation
  • Productivity: pay prosperity with productivity
  • Privacy: new and strict European privacy legislation (GDPR)
  • Power: more power to people, less to means such as companies & governments
  • Propaganda: fewer fake news and news manipulation
  • Processes: improve processes and transfer them to transaction networks

During Weconomics Partnerday 12-10-2018 a dialogue started regarding mutual opportunities between Weconomics and Threefold. Get an impression of Weconomics Partner day. We keep you posted if value propositions for collaboration will follow.

Chris Hoerée has written an article on the topic of dialogue. And together with Claudius van Wyck she facilitates with great results. Contact Chris if you want to accelerate your dialogue process and start to co-design.

Money design matters (and it is getting a matter of choice)

I probably would not have written this post if I hadn’t read – The Future of Money – during the years the internet got introduced in business. It was 2001. Bernard Lietaer described the innovation space for money design for the digital era.

Since I have read the book, I couldn’t get my eyes of the space. Blockchain gives it new dimensions: a lot of experiment is going on and money design is getting discussed broadly.

“The last beings to comprehend the nature of water, are fish. So are humans about money.”  – Bernard Lietaer.

I do believe we can’t afford to neglect the innovation space and the co-design opportunity that is ahead of us. Money design is getting a matter of choice (and bad design could become a matter of fact). And with the quote of Bernard Lietaer in mind, I will share some articles on money design that I’ve read last weeks.

You could be part of the Threefold movement. Threefold Token is an organisational tool to tackle an organisational challenge. Threefold Token is supporting the development of a green, neutral and affordable internet. Value propositions of the Threefold eco-systems are shared.

See full post

Tuesday Post is a promise to myself

This Co:Inpetto website on WordPress is in the air since 2012 and served. My goal was to reach out to people and start-up initiatives and take the opportunity to make a well designed digital infrastructure broadly available – together.

Now it is time to gear up and get more co-designers on board. Interesting value propositions are becoming available thanks to and It’s time to get them shared and start crafting for multi fold profits. Therefore I make a promise to myself: I publish a (two) weekly post on Tuesday.

Why ?
I love to sharpen the idea that there is a high road towards our next level of prosperity and co-design use cases. Tuesday Posts will keep me digging in the opportunities of well designed data- and token economics. And perhaps I will get the permission to share Tuesday Posts and contribute.

Because only shared ideas will win.
Jump in as a potential co-designer when your time is right. Every single person and organization has a different sweet spot. So – start close in.

Free E-Book – Organizing for the Circular Economy (Dutch Only)

De circulaire economie staat volop in de belangstelling en is actueler dan ooit. Bedrijven staan voor de grote uitdaging de omslag te maken naar een circulair businessmodel.

Om bedrijven en instellingen te ondersteunen in hun zoektocht naar het ideale circulaire businessmodel is dit unieke werkboek geschreven.
Het werkboek is geschreven onder leiding van Prof. dr. Jan Jonker, hoogleraar duurzaam ondernemen aan de Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen. Op basis van onderzoek heeft hij een model ontwikkeld dat de basis vormt voor businessmodellen in de circulaire economie.

Het model bestaat uit zeven bouwstenen. De bouwstenen en een concreet stappenplan staan uitgebreid beschreven in het werkboek. Infographics van bedrijven die al een circulair businessmodel hebben ontwikkeld bieden lezers kennis en inspiratie.

Het Werkboek voor het ontwikkelen van een circulair businessmodel is gratis beschikbaar. Prof. Jan Jonker zegt hierover: ‘Het werkboek is uniek in zijn soort, er is nog niet eerder zo’n concreet stappenplan gepubliceerd om een circulair businessmodel te ontwerpen. We willen hiermee een bijdrage leveren aan de ontwikkeling van de circulaire economie. Dankzij de steun van onze sponsoren kunnen we het werkboek gratis beschikbaar stellen.’

Het werkboek is vanaf 19 mei 2018 kosteloos te downloaden – klik hier.


Seth Godin’s Permission Marketing, GDPR and Alignment of Interests

In 1999 I started in the business of recruitment of IT Professionals and business consultants. While setting up the business, I was very inspired by the work of Seth Godin to reach out to potential candidates and clients.

I read Seth Godin’s book on permission marketing and started to apply the proposed principles rigorously towards registered candidates. I can tell, the principles of permission marketing supported high quality connections for important stuff in life ( – like having meaningful work is – ). After years of hard work – 30.000 potential candidates were registered.

But there was a fork in the road for the work that Co:Inpetto was taking up.
The playing field was getting designed for a privacy disaster and imbalance of interests between stakeholders due to dysfunctional business models. While a huge opportunity for much better design was (and still is) also a choice.

Fork in the road ?
Let’s Take The High Road.

It feels good that have read one of my first professional hero’s today. Seth Godin writes about the GDPR and the marketers dilemma. Read his blog here. In the podcast included Seth Godin talks about media, our culture, aligning interests and our responsibility to create the culture we want. It feels like coming home.

Thanks to initiatives like Threefold Foundation and Weconomics Foundations, everybody is able to have impact. We share how. Step in when your opportunity and values could be aligned and leveraged.

Some years ago I’ve written a little story about my intention about  my life, my hometown and my data >>>. I had the intention to get connected my favourite shops, services and brands to the appropriate digital services to serve my own prosperity and the prosperity of my neighbourhood where I am living it.

Therefore I am asking local shops and governments to get connected to It keeps our data and prosperity local, while connecting for more becomes possible thanks to the openness of the technology.

The network is expanding.

Contact Mobicage to get your community, business or local government connected.