Moving away from Mailchimp

From now on, Mailerlite is the digital service that delivers Tuesday Post. No US-based Mailchimp anymore. Moving away from Mailchimp is moving away from a US-based company with its FISA laws. Mailerlite is a European service and runs its data in Europe.  And every step towards more data protection and data sovereignty makes sense. That is […]

A Sweet Spot in The Circular Economy

Whatever your motive is to move towards a circular business model, start moving.That is the message of Professor em. Sustainable Entrepreneurship Jan Jonker. And to help us, a quick scan is now available for every organization. Download the quickscan here and go to work. More than 118.000 people did a download of the book […]

Beyond Narrow Compliance

Co-Inpetto taught me that dealing with privacy data properly offers deeper engagement with talent pools. The PDS (personal data service) idea was born, and innovation became unstoppable. Co-Inpetto started in the recruitment market for IT professionals and business consultants in 1999, a market that got dominated by the use of LinkedIn. As an economist in […]

The Rule of Three

Three new technologies made The Underground in London possible, (1) electricity, (2) the tunneling shield, and (3) the elevator to bring passengers to the deep-level tube railway. The core infrastructure for a flourishing city was born.  Until then, the underground railways had to be steam-worked and built just under the road or below buildings, creating […]

Google Analytics is illigal

On the 13th of January 2022, the privacy authority in Austria decided that Google Analytics is illegal. Data and server location are critical for this ruling (1).  Google Analytics sends personal data to US-based companies’ servers, which implies the right for US intelligence services to access them. That is not GDPR compliant, so it is […]

Staking becomes a way to contribute to the Threefold DAO

Threefold DAO is coming alive. It uses blockchain-enabled services for its governance. These blockchain services will use “proof of stake” as their consensus mechanism. It brings opportunities for staking. Are you familiar with terms such as “staking” and “proof of staking”? Staking is the act of locking up tokens in a pool to provide economic […]