Organizing Sustainability

I am still grateful that I participated in a collaborative writing process led by professor Jan Jonker.The book New Business Models (2014) became a bestseller. And with co-writers of the book, we follow up and support Threefold. A new business model for the internet was once a dream and it is becoming a reality. Jan […]

A tribute to The Last Post and Max Schrems

The Last Post is a daily ritual in Ypres (West-Flandres, Belgium), the battlefield of the First World War. Each evening, you can listen to Bugle calls. It is a reminder for us; peace and freedom are not for granted. If we want to honor it in our daily lives we have to use liberty genuinely […]

Europe’s Digital Infrastructure Is Unfolding

We take the infrastructure for the flow of water, electricity, and gas for granted. It’s available, practical, and safe. The data infrastructure is the following. This collaborative endeavor is achieving new momentum, below some recordings of conversations of the last month. Soshana Zuboff meets Margrethe Verstager: a converstation about a future digital Europe Shoshana Zuboff […]

Omschrijving Co-Inpetto.Farm biedt een mogelijkheid om deel te nemen aan Threefold Farming model. Leer meer over Threefold hier. Voor wie Iedereen die geboeid is door de mogelijkheden nieuwe mogelijkheden die het Threefold grid biedt en deze mee wil gaan stimuleren. Online Groep – Enkel voor leden Klik hier! Contactpersoon Lieve Vereycken 0032 472 29 15 […]

U was er bij in het Fort V (en lees nu – 3 jaar later – even mee)

Vandaag 8 juni 2020, is het drie jaar geleden dat we het hadden over ‘Blockchain Organiseren’ in het Fort V. De keten van stevige forten stonden toen symbool voor een plan. Een gedeelde infrastructuur voor verankeren van data en goede welvaart, had te landen in onze handen. Wie dacht dat het enkel bij straffe woorden […]

Threefold and The Law of Sustainability

As I already have mentioned several times, the first book of Bernard Lietaer (2001) was a real eye-opener for me. Dieter Legat co-authored his last book. In this video he explains the position of Threefold in the framework of the law of sustainability. Some links to dive deeper: Towards a Sustainable world Webiste of Bernard […]

Threefold Grid is live

Since some weeks, software developers can choose to use Threefold Grid for running their workloads. That’s a big deal. Threefold grid is becoming an alternative for AWS (Amazon), Google Cloud, Azure (Microsoft). Software developers can start choosing to serve humanity and the planet, the internet needs a diet. Every single person gets the opportunity to […]

Van Gevaert naar nieuwe Welvaart

Als ik rond mij kijk dan heb ik een hele reeks boeken gehamsterd uit de Sleghte: er is geen enkel boek meer beschikbaar over Lieven Gevaert, ze liggen allemaal bij mij op de plank. Dan zal ik maar mijn deel doen door eens te kijken hoe de solidariteit destijds in gang werd gestoken. Ik bericht.

A Theory Of Change

Some weeks ago, we started to prepare local TFF (Threefold) farming activities in our local co-working space (Edegem, South of Antwerp). With local TFF farming activities we want to organize:1. a local income stream while robots within the digital infrastructure are working for us;2. the opportunity to co-organize energy supply for the digital infrastructure;3. the […]

Europe is leading

In my quest to put the twelve rules of Compassion in practice, I decided to travel and learn (1). Shanghai (China) was my hometown in 2012. There I saw the beauty of The Underground, which is an European invention (2). If people can build such a mobility system for the individual, the roll-out of the […]