The DAO is coming alive

Will the DAO change the way we work and do banking? With Threefold DAO, we are witnessing the start of one. It is coming alive with the launch of version 3. DAO stands for decentralized autonomous organization. The Threefold DAO holds rules for value exchange between members and organizational governance. Users of cloud services pay […]

Our Flemish Government Starts a Data Utility

Co-Inpetto started as a recruitment cabinet for IT professionals and business consultants in 1999.Exchanging personal data was my core business. I began to watch out for a data utility; I missed it for my business. I had my prototype for better value creation. One of my clients for recruitment was a start-up in the electricity […]

The Metaverse and Web 3.0 Economics

Facebook’s web 2.0 business model is in trouble.Is the Metaverse the way out of it? With Metaverse, Mark Zuckerberg can make up a storyline around interoperability, privacy, safety, and open standards. He even mentions human rights in his presentation about the Metaverse and his new Meta company. The Metaverse will offer VR and AR applications […]

Help Shape Our Common Future

Massive on-line education and collaboration are bringing forward the development of the decentralized infrastructure that society needs. I have just finished two MOOCs from the EdX Platform. The MOOC Data for Better Lives is a follow-up on the Flagship Report of the Worldbank with the same title. Download it here. The other MOOC is Fintech […]

Design and Combinational Creativity

No single person has all the knowledge to produce a pencil. It can only be created only through the specialization of many people and coordination between them. Nearly everybody uses it. As a follower of these posts, you know that massive collaboration is leading to the rollout of the internet 4.0. It will bring new […]

Data Is (NOT!) the New Oil

Comparing data with oil is done, but it can lock up our thinking, imagination, and power to act. Data powers the new economy in the way that oil powers the traditional economy. But the analogy between data and oil breaks down right after that. Oil and data as raw materials have very different economic characteristics. […]

Financing the Emerging Future

Co-Inpetto Farm positions itself as a financial instrument for mission-led communities.They get stronger thanks to the token economics of Threefold while contributing to the roll-out of the internet 4.0. The internet 4.0 will re-arange data logistics.More things and people will be included in the data chain to organize life. We will use the opportunity to […]

Openness and creativity with(out) law?

More citizens and entrepreneurs imagined the same innovation path for PDS services, namely a radically collaborative and open one. They found each other and started to collaborate thanks to the internet 2.0. As an entrepreneur in the recruitment business, I gathered personal data to connect to job opportunities. It became very problematic: market practices weren’t […]

Data is the fuel for the Social Contract of the 21st Century

The Tube in London is a beautiful collaborative innovation project. It applied the new techniques of the industrial revolution and had a big societal positive impact, it got its followers worldwide. London is The Underground, and The Underground is London. It became the biggest employer with a trade union that took up negotiating the distribution […]

Theory U and the (Digital) Self

The U Lab course of MIT and the Presencing Institute starts again. It is an invitation to all of us to envision our best possible self and our best possible whole and co-create it. A friend of mine started to pioneer with the learning of the Presencing Institute in 2009. Along the way, the picture […]