A Call For Decentralisation

I hoped I could resonate with te message of the book ‘Gigantism’ of the latest book of Geert Noels, because I do love the word G I G A N T I S M. Check ! I do recommend to read the book.

Geert Noels describes why organisations and markets are getting dysfunctional in the existing playing field. He does suggestions on the level of arbiters, rules and players.

Paul Bessems, founder of Weconomics Foundations did already a call to challenge “never” in the quote below.

The study of economic organization commonly proceeds as though market and administrative modes of organization were disjunct. Market organi­zation is the province of economists. Inter­nal organization is the concern of organization theory specialist. And never the twain shall meet.

Oliver Williamson

rebuilding systems has been succesful in other fields by recognizing the smallest part of it. And since we are leaving the industrial order to enter the digital, the smallest parts that we have to recognize are ‘data’, ‘people’ and ‘things’.

An appropriate digital infrastructure has to emerge to exchange data and value. And it is almost there. Threefold Foundations is doing well. Examples are getting ready to get copied around the world. I am happy that the invitation for the Ibiza events (May/ Octobre) are picked up. It’s just our turn to take action.

Gigantism is not irreversable.

The difference between the almost right wordt and the right word is really a large matter. It is the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.

Mark Twain

Time Registration System

As an HR person – I have implemented a new time registration system to escape classical working patterns. It sounds like a contradictio in terminis. But it isn’t. We’re freeing data of the workers from 1 company. Workers are able to check in by neigbours as well. Because together we shape better jobs.

Don't be busy. Just be productive.

The transactions of this new collaboration will be managed at nearly zero cost. A shared and smart contract enables the payrolling and billing for participating companies.

P.S.: But let me admit something. The cluster of companies I am working for is not so far of the Zimmer Tower (Lier). What is time ? – is questioned at the Zimmer Museum and it is kept unanswered (and I have the answer neither).

Dear Mark Zuckerberg

Thanks for writing your post. I have read it.
Let’s join forces for better prosperity.

But I do believe we have a far more easier task than you have.
We make the next big thing happen by connecting projects and smaller businesses to a shared digital infrastructure. Our good design and perseverance will be our success (and your bad design is why you’re business is at the beginning of the end (that’s what I guess)).


Good Design is Good Business

Thomas Watson JR.

The leaders of VIPE / TITO Foundation are beta users on FreeFlowPages.

The leadership of VIPE / TITO Foundation are beta users on FreeflowPages. FreeflowPages runs on Threefold Grid and will become an alternative for Facebook. We started an on-line group to facilitate the exploration of new organising tools, like complementary money systems.

Itsyou.online is used to log in Freeflow Pages. Itsyou.online is connected to your own 3Bot. 3Bot manages your own data and workloads on Threefold grid. 3Bot could make a connection to a digital wallet. The innovation space of complementary money is out there.

What if a job is posted in the group and someone commit him/herself to get the job done ? What if that person will get Freeflow tokens in exchange for the time he/she spend ? Will these exchanges support the purpose and mission of VIPE/ TITO ?

We’re going to reflect on these questions. Drop a line to lieve.vereycken@co-inpetto.org if you want to join us in the VIPE/TITO group on FreeflowPages. You’re welcome to explore and learn with us.

You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something build a newe model that makes the old model obselete.

Fuller Buckminster

Idgate and technology


Interoperability of data in well governened digital infrastructure creates the potential for better processes and prosperity. New organisational thinking and technology is needed to develop this potential. Teaming up is the thing to do for getting solutions scaled.

Value Proposition

As an ambassador of Threefold Foundation we follow up the developments of 3Bot and Solid and help you to find the way in the eco-system of innovation.

As a partner of Weconet and Weconomics we share the organisational thinking. Organisational thinking which lead to better processes for better prosperity.

As Co:Inpetto we want to co-design the value thanks to Idgate thinking and therefore we are connected to commonalities as Threefold Foundations and Weconomics Foundations

For whom

  • Process and business model innovators
  • EU GDPR solution developers

Value Proposition

3Bot technology and the blockchain technology that is used within Threefold Foundation will get also other applications. A start-up is spinning out for this aim. At this moment there is a financial investement opportunity within this start-up.

For whom

  • Individuals who wants to be connected to the Threefold story by doing a financial investment.

TFF Farming

We want to keep and bring prosperity within our own communities. Therefore we connect to Threefold Farming options and support the start-up of TFF coops. Click here te learn more about farming for Threefold.

Value Propostion

Buy hardware from the coop Better Token and start to farm.

For whom

  • everyone who want.


Get in contact with Better Token.

Value Proposition

Set-up a Threefold Coop within your community by learning about the business model, making up the financial propostition, attracting the farmers and execute the contract.

We are setting up a TFF coop within a co-working network and we will start in the South of Antwerp.

For whom

  • The starting up team of a coop in the South of Antwerp want to be enforced by someone who love numbers and optimization of financial returns.
  • Everyone who want to be informed about the value propositions for joining


Get in contact with Lieve Vereycken

IT en business consultants


Co:Inpetto is founded in 1999, the days internet was entering the business world. Co:Inpetto worked as a recruitment cabinet for business consultants and IT’ers. We served IT departments of big organisations and some fast growing IT and business consulting companies.

The market of connecting talent to challenges became a problematic market, a market with wicked problems. Poor personal data were stored within companies, recruitment cabinets, government services, media services and so on. A pointless competition was going. New business model design for connecting talent thanks to Idgate is needed. When you are in love with humanity, creativity and entrepreneurship – you do know that Silicon Valley social media aren’t a solution.

Furthermore a lot of IT talent is wasted while they are needed. It is a waste of time and money to define and digitise processes which could be better brought to shared digital infrastructures in well defined governance models.

Value proposition

IT Professionals will find their way to meaningful and productive work while more and more processes are getting defined for better prosperity.

For whom

click for more information

For more information

Contact Threefold

Value proposition

The IT network of Co:Inpetto is kept up-to-date thanks to a collaboration. Together with clients recruitment processes could be redefined.

For whom

  • A entrepreneurial and smart talent acquisition department of an organisation
  • An entrepreuneurial community manager
  • A recruitment agency ready to take the true benefits of opportunities thanks to digital

For more information

Contact Lieve Vereycken

VIPE / TETO Foundation

Vivienne Van Leuken is partner of Weconomics Foundations. She started together with Peggy van de Vijfeijken VIPE/TETO Foundation and are nominated several times for the positive impact they are making (link to website). We are going to explore if a shared digital infractructure and complementary money systems will serve their community and purpose.

Value Proposition

As a learning and design community we are beta users of a collaboration platform that runs on Threefold Grid with its features as 3Bot etc.

For whom

  • Weconomics Partners who wants to to explore and learn together with us.
  • Members of Threefold who wants to explore and learn together with us
  • Members of VIPE Foundation
  • Everyone who let us know a good reason to join and learn

More information ?

Get in touch with Lieve Vereycken (0032 472 29 15 34) or Vivienne Van Leuken (0031 6 25 144 404)