Aral Balkan and the Ethical Design Manifesto

Yes ! The Ethical Design Manifesto is alive. Threefold Foundations has chosen it to express their goals.  Read the the Ethical Design Manifesto of ThreeFold Foundation here. The manifesto is inspired by the work of Aral Balkan, check it out.

Aral Balkan is definitely one of the persons who is pushing organizations towards the next stages of the Design ladder. He is sharing a strong message for years now and he is getting heard. Wow !

It takes time to persuade men to do even what is for their own good. – Thomas Jefferson.

We practice Ethical Design

Seth Godin’s Permission Marketing, GDPR and Alignment of Interests

In 1999 I started in the business of recruitment of IT Professionals and business consultants. While setting up the business, I was very inspired by the work of Seth Godin to reach out to potential candidates and clients.

I read Seth Godin’s book on permission marketing and started to apply the proposed principles rigorously towards registered candidates. I can tell, the principles of permission marketing supported high quality connections for important stuff in life ( – like having meaningful work is – ). After years of hard work – 30.000 potential candidates were registered.

But there was a fork in the road for the work that Co:Inpetto was taking up.
The playing field was getting designed for a privacy disaster and imbalance of interests between stakeholders due to dysfunctional business models. While a huge opportunity for much better design was (and still is) also a choice.

Fork in the road ?
Let’s Take The High Road.

It feels good that have read one of my first professional hero’s today. Seth Godin writes about the GDPR and the marketers dilemma. Read his blog here. In the podcast included Seth Godin talks about media, our culture, aligning interests and our responsibility to create the culture we want. It feels like coming home.

Thanks to initiatives like Threefold Foundation and Weconomics Foundations, everybody is able to have impact. We share how. Step in when your opportunity and values could be aligned and leveraged.

Some years ago I’ve written a little story about my intention about  my life, my hometown and my data >>>. I had the intention to get connected my favourite shops, services and brands to the appropriate digital services to serve my own prosperity and the prosperity of my neighbourhood where I am living it.

Therefore I am asking local shops and governments to get connected to It keeps our data and prosperity local, while connecting for more becomes possible thanks to the openness of the technology.

The network is expanding.

Contact Mobicage to get your community, business or local government connected.

I Am A Proud Threefold Ambassador

Threefold Foundation asked me why I wanted to be an ambassador for the foundation and here is my answer.

“Thanks to ThreeFold Foundation robust technology comes available in good organisational design. A design that takes in account that humankind strives for prosperity for all.

In 1999, I started my own business in the market of recruitment, the time internet got introduced in the business world. Wicked problems for matching talent to job opportunities were faced. I realised we could do far better by giving back control over personal data to the individual and start redefining business processes and businesses. Therefore I shared, learned and connected myself. I connected myself to initiatives for knowledge sharing, networking and innovation. Because I do believe it is the responsibility and the opportunity of our generation to get the appropriate digital infrastructure available to move to our next level of prosperity.”

Learn more about ThreeFold Foundation. A lot of inspiring work can be done.

We Share

The upcoming web 4.0 infrastructure gives the opportunity to innovate and cooperate with a much higher productivity.

We’ve been pioneering and researching for years now. A long stay at Schumacher College and its “ethos”, incited me to to write business modelling for digital infrastructure and innovation down.
And we share. We share business – and governance models for Web 4.0 components with co-designers. We’ve developed them with 7 design principles for (networked) commons and our values in mind.

The story will unfold by itself. But alertness and decisiveness are required now.

The way the organisation of digital services is set up in these times, will determine the view of a new economy.

Let’s connect.