Threefold at Weconomics Partnerday

Threefold Foundations opens up a software stack for responsible internet, an innovation space for organizational technology. Weconomics focuses primarily on the use of organizational technology to improve the 6Ps: Purpose: the purpose of work in relation to innovation Productivity: pay prosperity with productivity Privacy: new and strict European privacy legislation (GDPR) Power: more power to … Continue reading Threefold at Weconomics Partnerday

Money design matters (and it is getting a matter of choice)

I probably would not have written this post if I hadn’t read – The Future of Money – during the years the internet got introduced in business. It was 2001. Bernard Lietaer described the innovation space for money design for the digital era. Since I have read the book, I couldn’t get my eyes of … Continue reading Money design matters (and it is getting a matter of choice)

Aral Balkan and the Ethical Design Manifesto

Yes ! The Ethical Design Manifesto is alive. Threefold Foundations has chosen it to express their goals.  Read the the Ethical Design Manifesto of ThreeFold Foundation here. The manifesto is inspired by the work of Aral Balkan, check it out. Aral Balkan is definitely one of the persons who is pushing organizations towards the next … Continue reading Aral Balkan and the Ethical Design Manifesto

Free E-Book – Organizing for the Circular Economy (Dutch Only)

De circulaire economie staat volop in de belangstelling en is actueler dan ooit. Bedrijven staan voor de grote uitdaging de omslag te maken naar een circulair businessmodel. Om bedrijven en instellingen te ondersteunen in hun zoektocht naar het ideale circulaire businessmodel is dit unieke werkboek geschreven. Het werkboek is geschreven onder leiding van Prof. dr. … Continue reading Free E-Book – Organizing for the Circular Economy (Dutch Only)

Dear 2016, we thank you for

the EU GDPR growing awareness about algorithms in business and democracy growing network of co-designers in the Web 3.0 innovation space knowledge sharing and inspiration for blockchain organising MooC on New Business Models – Working Together on Value Creation prototypes ready to scale openness and willingness to create a future of abundance  Dear 2017, we … Continue reading Dear 2016, we thank you for

Nieuwe Business Modellen

Business modellen voor en rond digitale tools moesten en kunnen anders en beter. Deels dienen digitale diensten georganiseerd te worden via commons.¬†Enkel via samenwerking kan deze tot stand komen. Ik wilde met het meeschrijven aan het boek ‘Nieuwe Business Modellen‘ reflecteren over communities voor innovatie in business modellen. Innovatie in business modellen omwille van de … Continue reading Nieuwe Business Modellen