Tft (Threefold Token) is a hopeful tool

In a previous post I mentioned that I wouldn’t have been connected to initiatives like Threefold Foundation if I haven’t read the book of Bernard Lietaer during the days the internet got introduced in the business world. Listen to a talk of Bernard Lietaer here. Time will tell if Tft (Threefold Token) will get its … Continue reading Tft (Threefold Token) is a hopeful tool

Threefold at Weconomics Partnerday

Threefold Foundations opens up a software stack for responsible internet, an innovation space for organizational technology. Weconomics focuses primarily on the use of organizational technology to improve the 6Ps: Purpose: the purpose of work in relation to innovation Productivity: pay prosperity with productivity Privacy: new and strict European privacy legislation (GDPR) Power: more power to … Continue reading Threefold at Weconomics Partnerday

Tuesday Post is a promise to myself

This Co:Inpetto website on WordPress is in the air since 2012 and served. My goal was to reach out to people and start-up initiatives and take the opportunity to make a well designed digital infrastructure broadly available – together. Now it is time to gear up and get more co-designers on board. Interesting value propositions … Continue reading Tuesday Post is a promise to myself

Dear 2016, we thank you for

the EU GDPR growing awareness about algorithms in business and democracy growing network of co-designers in the Web 3.0 innovation space knowledge sharing and inspiration for blockchain organising MooC on New Business Models – Working Together on Value Creation prototypes ready to scale openness and willingness to create a future of abundance  Dear 2017, we … Continue reading Dear 2016, we thank you for