Initial Coin Offers in the early 1900’s

ICO (Initial Coin Offer) as a finance mechanism gets new attention thanks to Blockchain. The idea served already business and community in the early 1900’s. Read as an example the history of Deli Dollars and Farm Preserve Notes here.

Free E-Book – Organizing for the Circular Economy (Dutch Only)

De circulaire economie staat volop in de belangstelling en is actueler dan ooit. Bedrijven staan voor de grote uitdaging de omslag te maken naar een circulair businessmodel. Om bedrijven en instellingen te ondersteunen in hun zoektocht naar het ideale circulaire businessmodel is dit unieke werkboek geschreven. Het werkboek is geschreven onder leiding van Prof. dr. […]

Seth Godin’s Permission Marketing, GDPR and Alignment of Interests

In 1999 I started in the business of recruitment of IT Professionals and business consultants. While setting up the business, I was very inspired by the work of Seth Godin to reach out to potential candidates and clients. I read Seth Godin’s book on permission marketing and started to apply the proposed principles rigorously towards registered […]

Some years ago I’ve written a little story about my intention about  my life, my hometown and my data >>>. I had the intention to get connected my favourite shops, services and brands to the appropriate digital services to serve my own prosperity and the prosperity of my neighbourhood where I am living it. Therefore I […]

I Am A Proud Threefold Ambassador

Threefold Foundation asked me why I wanted to be an ambassador for the foundation and here is my answer. “Thanks to ThreeFold Foundation robust technology comes available in good organisational design. A design that takes in account that humankind strives for prosperity for all. In 1999, I started my own business in the market of […]

‘Blockchain Organiseren’ zet zich door

Onze data verankeren voor betere welvaart. Daarvoor stimuleren  wij mee de mogelijkheden van ‘Blockchain Organiseren’. Paul Bessems en Walter Bril van Weconomics Foundations schreven er een boek over. Op 8 juni 2017 organiseerden we een event rond het onderwerp in het Fort 5 te Edegem. Kennis is gedeeld, intenties binnen lopende projecten zijn uitgesproken, nieuwe samenwerkingsverbanden gesmeed. Zo […]

Better prosperity thanks to Data Ethics is Team Sport

Data Ethics as competitive advantage is shifting playing fields. It’s getting time to start and getting to explore the window of opportunity. Why ? – Tools are out there to connect privacy data in new ways to organisations. – Legislation is supporting. – Smart contracting is thanks to blockchain on the innovation agenda. – Organisations […]

PDS (personal data service) voor betere zelfsturing en business modellen

Als ondernemer in arbeidsbemiddeling geloofde ik dat digitale infrastructuur mistte om kandidaten aan het stuur van hun loopbaan te kunnen zetten en een goed business model op te zetten voor markt facilitators. Met PDS (Personal Data Service) krijgt het individu regie over zijn gegevens. Professionals kunnen connecties leggen met tal van communities die projecten aanbieden. Matching […]

Weconomics Foundations and New Organisational Thinking

Regarding to Paul Bessems (founder of WEconomics Foundations): the word “NEVER” in the quote of Oliver Williamson has to be challenged. “And NEVER the twain shall meet.” Never ? The lack of concerns (privacy, work, digitisation, business models, market developments) and collaborative actions in e.g. the market of talent acquisition is a problem. Language has to […]

Bernard Lietaer – Connecting the Dots

The books of Bernard Lietaer are very inspiring. Envisioning a digital infrastructure for our next level of prosperity became an evidence. By using just one money system, we are locked in. It is not needed and not supportive. Why wouldn’t we enrich our exchange systems ? Enjoy his short talk in this video: