A Theory Of Change

Some weeks ago, we started to prepare local TFF (Threefold) farming activities in our local co-working space (Edegem, South of Antwerp). With local TFF farming activities we want to organize:
1. a local income stream while robots within the digital infrastructure are working for us;
2. the opportunity to co-organize energy supply for the digital infrastructure;
3. the opportunity to co-organize the bare metal that is used in a circular way;
4. the innovation space to co-design for better prosperity (2)

Yes – we will rise up as reslient communities; we will co-design for the better.
But in the meantime – pls – take care and stay healthy !

(1) Do you want to use your time at home to learn about Threefold Network or complementary money systems? Don’t hesitate to ask some guidance (0032 472 29 15 34, lieve.vereycken@co-inpetto.org)
(2) A Theory of Change

Europe is leading

In my quest to put the twelve rules of Compassion in practice, I decided to travel and learn (1). Shanghai (China) was my hometown in 2012. There I saw the beauty of The Underground, which is an European invention (2).

If people can build such a mobility system for the individual, the roll-out of the digital infrastructure with a digital seat for every single person must be possible. In 2012 I started to use the metro map as a sign of creativity, collaboration and hope.

What did I like about the metaphor? The London Metro System solved a societal problem that emerged as a consequence of the industrial revolution. It underpins the integration of the old and the new way of living. I liked that infrastructural idea at that time.

At that time, the glorification of the digital revolution and the power of Silicon Valley was fully alive. We in Europe were just powerless losers. I refused to buy that story. I believed we will do far better and we are doing better. Europe is leading in a third way.

The European Strategy for Data describes a vision for a digital society that works for all. It is published this month. It states that the human being is and should remain at the center of their digital life.

You are part of the unfolding story. Start to download your 3bot of Threefold Foundation. My next post will be about Threefold farming preparations in Fort V (South of Antwerp) and how we will live up the ambition of the European Green Deal too.

We are co-leading an co-designing for Europe’s future.

Data Ownership, prosperity and collaboration

Organizing ownerhip of data and the digital infrastructure is a great collaborative opportunity for our generation. Therefore Co:Inpetto teamed up with Weconomics Foundations in 2014. And since 2017 we are following up Threefold Foundations.

It’s time to take a next step: Threefold Network offers the opportunity to co-own the core infrastructure of the future. Listen to the the update on the Threefold Project here.

At Bolwerk, a beautiful co-working space in Edegem (the south of Antwerp), we are working on value propositions. We will invite you to collaborate. Or have you ever believed we won’t own the future ?

All glory comes from daring to begin


Kom op 20 januari 2020 naar het Fort V

Kom op 20 januari naar het Fort V in Edegem (Zuidrand van Antwerp) en leer meer over Threefold, 3bot en Threefold token.

Threefold maakt deel uit van een beweging dat gedecentraliseerde digitale infrastructuur ter beschikking brengt met een duidelijk doel voor ogen:
(1) minimaal energieverbruik voor digitale infrastructuur
(2) zo laag mogelijke kostprijs zodat ze ter beschikking komt voor iedereen
(3) eigenaarschap en beheer van (persoonlijke) data bij mensen

Tijdens de IEO (initial exchange offer) van Threefold komt het grid verder ter beschikking voor software ontwikkelaars die hun applicaties ter beschikking kunnen stellen aan de gebruikers van hun applicatie. Voor elke gebruiker van een applicatie komt een 3bot ter beschikking.

Goed nieuws om een nieuw decennium mee te starten; het alsmaar toenemend gigantisme gaat een einde kennen.

Kom dan ook naar het Bolwerk op 20 januari 2020. Leer, netwerk en bepaal uw positie om de digitale toekomst mee naar uw hand te zetten.


19:30 – 20 uur: aankomst
vanaf 20 uur: info & dialoog
– Voor welk idee staat Threefold?
– Wat maakt het Threefold Netwerk sterk? Hoe maak je deel uit van succes en kansen ?
– Wat is stand van zaken? Wat zijn investeringskansen nu en welke komen er nog?
– Welke rol kan je spelen voor vernieuwing dankzij internet ?
– ..

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


Paul Hawken was invited in Belgium by Econopolis. He talked about his project Drawdown. Drawdown is a platform that invites you to act on climate change.

Did you realize the internet cloud has a dirty secret? Thanks to decades of development and investements, autonomous IT of Threefold brings a far more sustainable solution. Click here and dive deeper in the comparisons.

Become a Love Warrior
A 3Bot for every single person will live on the Threefold Grid. Check out the brand new website of 3bot . I especially love the idea of Love Warriors.

Love Warriors believe that we need change now.

They act.
They are relentless.

Threefold IEO Information
The Threefold technology stack is probably the best-kept secret of the internet. It has had a long history. Read the interview with Kristof De Spiegeleer – we need a new internet which is not owned by a few and check out the IEO presentation to learn more. 

You serve the Threefold Project if you sign up for the IEO (initial exchange offer) before the official launch at the end of January >>>.  Thanks in advance, 1000 registrations before the launch in January is the aim.

Save the date
Threefold Network will bring change for good and we will co-create it. Time for  celebration and making plans. We will come together on Monday evening, the 20th of January. It is before the IEO launch date, there will be time for questions.

You are brilliant and the earth is hiring.

Paul Hawkin

Towards a Sustainable World

As said in a previous post, I probably won’t have been connected to Threefold Network and Weconomics Foundations if I hadn’t read the first book of Bernard Lietaer (2001). The last book of Bernard Lietaer, Towards a Sustainable World, comes available from the 8th of Decembre.

Kristof De Spiegeleer, the founder of Threefold Network, has co-written the chapter about ownership of data.

Some Threefold IEO (initial exchange offer) News:

  • Probably you will be one of the first 1000 subscribers for the IEO if you choose to do it in the coming days or weeks. For the first 1000 subscribers, extra tokens are foreseen. The link is here.
  • Here is the IEO in presentation. It includes links to more reading material. 
  • Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you want to get your extra tokens (+32 472 29 15 34 – lieve.vereycken@co-inpetto.org).

Let the network grow

Followers of these Tuesday Posts know that I do believe that The Threefold Network will bring an important piece for the core infrastructure for our next level of prosperity. It will offer the innovation space for the coming years to organize a sustainable society.

With Threefold tokens people can buy compute and storage capacity of the Threefold Grid. You can start to register yourself to buy Threefold tokens as an investement opportunity, an IEO (initial exchange offer) will be launched in january together with Liquid Global.

If you consider to support the project, ‘sign up’ in the top-right corner of Liquid.com as soon as possible. Member registrations before launch will enforce the network and the succes of the IEO campaign. Thank you !

Everything we have built around us is a network, when you have such awareness you can really think about changing the world around you.

Alessandro Vespignani

Professionals at work

Organizing sustainable prosperity will become easier for more professionals. Platforms get the innovation space to underpin a business model for professionals with a digital infrastructure that integrates 3bot and digital tokens.

Options are opening up to connect your talent to challenges, to become part of the solution and to get paid for it. Digital tokens are getting introduced in platforms and they will become part of a beloved deal. Individual professionals will be able to connect to several platforms and live their Ikigai.

Rocking The Wall

30 years ago, the Berlin Wall fell.
Tinneke Beeckman, David Criekemans, and Robert Heirbaut were invited at
‘Vredescentrum in Antwerp’ to reflect on it. I shared with the presenters the belief that democratic freedom is a gift, and it is not for granted.

Tinneke Beeckman showed some ways to think about freedom. She mentioned the (potential) loss of digital privacy as one of the many threats for freedom (especially when you use the lens of ‘republican liberty’, a concept that she will explain further in her next book). Other threats are e.g. the rise of authorian leaders and change in our prosperity model.

Another reflection of the presenters; it is by civic and positive action that humanity moves forward. Who does believe we are lost ? Just join: in 2030, we will say that we have used our democratic power and passion for building up sustainable businesses and education. Okay ? A responsible internet will facilitate.

P.S.-1: Threefold is a project of Freeflow Nation, read the manifesto of Freeflow Nation here. Co:Inpetto supports it by becoming a chapter of it.
P.S.- 2: Enjoy Bruce Springsteen 16 months before the Berlin Wall fell – Rock and roll helped to topple the wall – Rocking the Wall.

The future is now. Roll up your sleeves and let your passion flow.
The country we carry in our hearts is waiting.

Bruce springsteen