Consulting Services

We offer consulting services towards organisations, professional associations, platform start-ups and tool developers.

For organisations:

  • We share a narrative on organisational- and digital infrastructural thinking privacy by design in shared digital infrastructures.
    • In which framework we can re-think business processes and collaboration ?
    • Why does it matter ?
  • We offer you a roadmap to get started for the design
    • What are the innovation challenges ?
    • How can you be supported in your innovation process ?

For professional associations and governments:

  • What is your role for building op networked commons for digital components.
  • Which services could be developed as commonalities for your members.

For Start-Ups:

  • Scaling thanks to a shared digital infrastructure will reduce your costs
  • Scaling thanks to a shared digital infrastructure opens up more business model opportunities

For tool developers:

  • Your market will be much bigger if you could share your tools in a shared infrastructure.

Our services could be paid by hour but we prefer a collaborative business model opportunity with a shared revenue on results.