The Funding Mechanisms of Core Infrastructures in Society (part 2)

As written in a previous post, the first metro systems used the template of the first railroad companies to structure their business operations. It is copied over and over again. But does it still serve ?

Probably not, it was designed for a different age with it own challenges and own opportunities. Our challenges are different and we have the opportunity to co-design a shared and decentralized digital infrastructure.

A new template can be used:
– communicate an concept idea within a community of potential co-designers and users;
– the community will start to work on it and the value creation model will get defined;
– rules to start up and operate will get programmed for and with the community in the shared digital infrastructure;
– coordinated action within a community will will create value, actions get registered and exchange of value will happen.

A far more complex paradigm is emerging than the paradigm of the First and Second Industrial Revolutions. In this article Otto Scharmer describes the shift we are experiencing.

We are witnessing the development of the core digital infrastructure that underpins the emerging story. The core digital infrastructure in society has the potential to connect everyone and everything and to
introduce new value exchange systems.

The core digital infrastructure by itself will get funded in new ways, more about it in a next post.

As Systems Collapse, People Rise: Seven Faces of an Emerging Global Movement - Otto Scharmer

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