Towards a Sustainable World

As said in a previous post, I probably won’t have been connected to Threefold Network and Weconomics Foundations if I hadn’t read the first book of Bernard Lietaer (2001). The last book of Bernard Lietaer, Towards a Sustainable World, comes available from the 8th of Decembre.

Kristof De Spiegeleer, the founder of Threefold Network, has co-written the chapter about ownership of data.

Some Threefold IEO (initial exchange offer) News:

  • Probably you will be one of the first 1000 subscribers for the IEO if you choose to do it in the coming days or weeks. For the first 1000 subscribers, extra tokens are foreseen. The link is here.
  • Here is the IEO in presentation. It includes links to more reading material. 
  • Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you want to get your extra tokens (+32 472 29 15 34 –
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One thought on “Towards a Sustainable World

  1. Thank you for mentioning TOWARDS A SUSTAINABLE WORLD.
    Maybe you could help to promote the book with these three links:
    Buy the book (presently at AMAZON – for bookshops in preparation)
    Both present the book worldwide (not just in Europe), and one day after presenting the eBook we received a first order from .. Japan.
    .. and the website of Bernard Lietaer’s book:
    Thank you again, Dieter

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