About me and my network

Lieve Vereycken

I love the idea that we have the opporunity to organise our next level of prosperity because of digitization. Wicked problems could be faced and fixed. I became aware of these opportunities while I was running a company in the business of connecting talent. The financial crisis of 2008 gave me the mental freedom and permission to keep going …

I started my own company in the recruitment business of IT profssionals and business consultants when the internet was getting introduced in the business world. Together with my team I gathered personal data of the IT community of the Flemish region (Belgium). I loved the contacts I had with candidates. I loved to match talents to opportunities on the right time, by the right channel (1999 – 2008)

I studied economics and marketing. And the opportunities of digital marketing and process and business models opened up, while working in my own business. But probaby my life would have had an whole other direction if I hadn’t read a book of Bernard Lietaer while I was starting up my business.

Bernard Lietaer published his book The Future of Money in the early 2000’s. He explained the need of complementary money systems and he warned for the potential loss of digital privacy. And while I was working with personal data, I came up with the concept of “Idgate” and “open innovation” to scale the innovative and qualitative successful collaborations I had with clients and candidates and I prototyped (2005 – 2010).

Business model innovation was part of it. I learned that a bigger collaboration would be needed to solve the problems we were facing and to take the opportunities for better prosperity. My business in recruitment is handed over to a potential innovation partner (since 2011). I networked for collaboration and co-authored a book on new business models etc.

Unfortunately – socia media started to conolize us, despite the data privacy legislation we already had in place. But commonalities organizing digital infrastructures for the better kept on developing. Commonalities which serve me, you and us. Commonalities which let (y)our projects scale. Projects which value data and its possibilities for new business models. I do believe we’ve no time to waste.



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