About me and my stakeholders


Lieve Vereycken

My aim and belief

I do believe we have the opportunity to built the digital infrastructure for our next level of prosperity. It is my aim to connect business to the appropriate infrastructure, because I want to take the high road.

Where do I come from ?

I have had my experience as an entrepreneur in the recruitment business for IT professionals and business consultants. I started my own recruitment agency when the internet was getting introduced in the business world.

As an economist with a passion for prosperity, people and marketing I began to integrate the new e-communication tools towards clients and candidates. But I realised that I was operating in a market model with wicked problems.

I gathered privacy data of all the IT professionals and business consultants for the Flemish market. Business models weren’t adapted to new realities. Shared digital tools, awareness and knowledge were missing to adapt.

Meanwhile, the monopolistic data economy was evolving.  It harms our dignity, freedom and creativity as conditions for prosperity while a better prosperity is an option. That’s why I worked further on developed concepts, learned more about new organisational thinking, new business models, data ethics, sustainability and transition programs.

Crafting a way out for wicked problems together  

We can do far better by giving control over personal data to individuals. I have developed governance models for an appropriate digital infrastructure (we share), I have emerged myself in new organisational thinking and design and developed value propositions and partnerships for co-design.

Since 2014 I am partner of Weconomics Foundations. I collaborated with them for building awareness about new organisational opportunities, shared digital infrastructure and co-design. Since 2017 I am an ambassador for ThreeFold Foundation.
These foundations and entrepreneurial eco-systems because will unleash the potential of digital technology for better prosperity.

Co-Designing business projects

Together with Earthways I set up events and facilitate e-Co-design programs within organisations.

Let’s connect.