Co:Inpetto started as a recruitment cabinet for IT professionals and Business Consultants in Flanders (Belgium) in 1999. Organizing productive working relationships is an opportunity for every organization, individual and professional associations. A shared digital infrastructure will serve to organize your sweet spot (*), the sweet spot between the organizational and the personal goals.

Because we believe that freedom is necessary for creativity and to get our lives organized in the best way, we believe that every HR and marketing department has to be aware of data ethics. EU GDPR is an opportunity to stive to data portability and make life comfortable. Therefore we connected ourselves to commonalities as Weconomics and Threefold Foundations. We learn more about new organizational thinking, business modelling and co-design for better prosperity.

(*) A ‘sweet spot’ is originally a term in sport. The ‘sweet spot’ is a place where a combination of factors results in a maximum response for a given amount of effort.

Our Story started in 1999

Co:Inpetto is founded in 1999, the days internet was entering the business world. Co:Inpetto worked as a recruitment cabinet for business consultants and IT’ers. We

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