Dear 2016, we thank you for

the EU GDPR growing awareness about algorithms in business and democracy growing network of co-designers in the Web 3.0 innovation space knowledge sharing and inspiration for blockchain organising MooC on New Business Models – Working Together on Value Creation prototypes ready to scale openness and willingness to create a future of abundance  Dear 2017, we … Continue reading Dear 2016, we thank you for

Better prosperity thanks to Data Ethics is Team Sport

Data Ethics as competitive advantage is shifting playing fields. It’s getting time to start and getting to explore the window of opportunity. Why ? – Tools are out there to connect privacy data in new ways to organisations. – Legislation is supporting. – Smart contracting is thanks to blockchain on the innovation agenda. – Organisations … Continue reading Better prosperity thanks to Data Ethics is Team Sport

PDS (personal data service) voor betere zelfsturing en business modellen

Als ondernemer in arbeidsbemiddeling geloofde ik dat digitale infrastructuur mistte om kandidaten aan het stuur van hun loopbaan te kunnen zetten en een goed business model op te zetten voor markt facilitators. Met PDS (Personal Data Service) krijgt het individu regie over zijn gegevens. Professionals kunnen connecties leggen met tal van communities die projecten aanbieden. Matching … Continue reading PDS (personal data service) voor betere zelfsturing en business modellen

Weconomics Foundations and New Organisational Thinking

Regarding to Paul Bessems (founder of WEconomics Foundations): the word “NEVER” in the quote of Oliver Williamson has to be challenged. “And NEVER the twain shall meet.” Never ? The lack of concerns (privacy, work, digitisation, business models, market developments) and collaborative actions in e.g. the market of talent acquisition is a problem. Language has to … Continue reading Weconomics Foundations and New Organisational Thinking

Nieuwe Business Modellen

Business modellen voor en rond digitale tools moesten en kunnen anders en beter. Deels dienen digitale diensten georganiseerd te worden via commons. Enkel via samenwerking kan deze tot stand komen. Ik wilde met het meeschrijven aan het boek ‘Nieuwe Business Modellen‘ reflecteren over communities voor innovatie in business modellen. Innovatie in business modellen omwille van de … Continue reading Nieuwe Business Modellen

We Share

The upcoming web 4.0 infrastructure gives the opportunity to innovate and cooperate with a much higher productivity. We’ve been pioneering and researching for years now. A long stay at Schumacher College and its “ethos”, incited me to to write business modelling for digital infrastructure and innovation down. And we share. We share business – and governance … Continue reading We Share

Our Story started in 1999

Co:Inpetto is founded in 1999, the days internet was entering the business world. Co:Inpetto worked as a recruitment cabinet for business consultants and IT’ers. We served IT departments of big organisations and some fast growing IT and business consulting companies. The market of connecting talent to challenges became a problematic market, a market with wicked … Continue reading Our Story started in 1999