TFF Farming

We want to keep and bring prosperity within our own communities. Therefore we connect to Threefold Farming options and support the start-up of TFF coops. Click here te learn more about farming for Threefold.

Value Propostion

Buy hardware from the coop Better Token and start to farm.

For whom

  • everyone who want.


Get in contact with Better Token.

Value Proposition

Set-up a Threefold Coop within your community by learning about the business model, making up the financial propostition, attracting the farmers and execute the contract.

We are setting up a TFF coop within a co-working network and we will start in the South of Antwerp.

For whom

  • The starting up team of a coop in the South of Antwerp want to be enforced by someone who love numbers and optimization of financial returns.
  • Everyone who want to be informed about the value propositions for joining


Get in contact with Lieve Vereycken

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