Working Commons for Web 4.0 – Time to Connect

“Business models”, “digital private data”, “freedom” and “economic empowerment” get me going. Among the many places these interests have led me to is Schumacher College. Schumacher College is no ordinary College; it is situated near Totnes (UK), the cradle of the widely known transition movement.

A course at Schumacher College and its “ethos”, incited me to describe some business models again. BUSINESS MODELS for starting up “WORKING COMMONS” for DIGITAL SERVICES for PEOPLE and BUSINESS.
I am keen to be a part of such a digital business initiative as:

  • a start-up partner or
  • a business partner.

The story will unfold by itself. But alertness and decisiveness are required now.

The way the organisation of digital services is set up in these times, will determine the view of a new economy. That is why, today, I am beginning to share how I think I can contribute and connect with other initiatives.

Lieve Vereycken – +32(0)472 29 15 34

In the coming period, a number of short blogs will be published to situate Co:Inpetto’s initiative.